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United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Links:  http://www.unep.org/
Open World leadership center
Links:  http://www.openworld.gov/
WWF Russia
Links:  http://www.wwf.ru/resources/eng/
National library of Republic Buryatiya
Links:  http://www.nbrb.ru
Edge at Baikal. Information-cultural portal Kabanskoj of regional library
Links:  http://kcbs.comsat.ru/index.php
Site Pribajkalskoj of regional library of Republic Buryatiya
Links:  http://www.az-kozin.narod.ru/
Welfare fund of protection of lake Baikal
Links:  http://baikalfond.narod.ru/
The Buryat regional association across Baikal
Links:  http://bro.burinfo.ru/
Irkutsk regional public organization " Baikal ecological wave "
Links:  http://baikalwave.eu.org/Eng/index-e.html
Sites of the Russian ecological organizations
Links:  http://ecobez.narod.ru/rueco.html
Baikal and business. A site of Association " Siberian agreement "
Links:  http://baikal-business.ru.pshenkin.net/cd.php3?id=1
Political party " the Union green Russia " GREEN Russia
Links:  http://www.rus-green.ru/
The ecological center "Daurija"
Links:  http://dauria.chita.ru/
Museum of the nature of Buryatiya
Links:  http://www.museum.ru/M1204
The Baikal Institute of Nature Management (BINM)
Links:  http://www.bipsoran.narod.ru/
Limnological institute of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science
Links:  http://isc.irk.ru/lin.htm


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