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Dzhirginskii nature reserve

Source:  Buryatia. The sunny side of Baikal. - Ulan-Ude, 2010. - H. 52-53.

It was established to protect natural complex of the Barguzin River and Ikat mountain range, aiming to save many rare animals and those on the verge of extinction. It also has the function of ecological education for the local population.

In the upper part of the Barguzin River there are rather big alpine lakes, offering remarkable fishing. The coldest month here is January (up till -51 C°), the hottest is July with 35 C° positive.

Mountain landscapes, colorful Alpine meadows, green moss, relic forest-steppe, rich flora and fauna definitely deserve the special attention of the tourists. This is a paradise for ornithologists: they can observe rare species of birds like black stork, hooded crane, fish-hawk, whooper-swan, mallard and scoter... Patient photographers can get a good picture of wild animals - there are many deer and roe deer here.

What else can be a tourist attraction here? There are several really unique sights on the territory of the nature reserve. One of those is the «Rock Garden» of Ina. Big pieces of granite up till 5 meters in diameter stick out in the even plateau. It resembles and archipelago of islands in the ocean - this is a contemplative place, for a tourist in no hurry.

Another unique place is a plate burial site, consisting of 60 graves and two guarding stones. The nature reserve has created several remarkable routs for recreation, nature researching and animal-world watching.

As in any Transbaikal area, there are mineral water hot-springs here: Umkhei on the eastern border of the nature reserve and Migdelgun on the western side of it. The water in the wooden   frames-baths   of the   springs has greenish-black color, temperature 4 is about 70 C°. The bubbles of hot gas burst with cracking and bubbling, emit-l ting hydrosulphric smell. Even in winter you can have a hot bath in the therapeutical spring.



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