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Northern Baikal

Source:  Buryatia. The sunny side of Baikal. - Ulan-Ude, 2010. - H. 34-37.

There are some places In the northern Baikal, which are difficult to describe - you have to visit them yourselves - because even the high-flown poetical words fail to reflect the marvellous beauty of these unforgettable places.

There are just two big settlements on this shore of Baikal - Severobaikalsk and Nizhneangarsk. There are some smaller settlements along the Upper Angara River, game-keepers'and fishermen's houses and a sanatorium called «Khakusy».

The northern part of the lake is surrounded with mountains up to 2500 meters above the sea level. There are places where the mountains go steep into the lake, but in the valleys of rivers and streams one can find cozy sandy beaches. The mountains back down only at the Upper Angara mouth. It has a delta up till 20 km wide. The delta is divided from Baikal by long narrow island Yarki. The  island has pebble-sand beaches, bushes and small trees on it.

   This is where, on the eastern shore, the track to Frolikha lake starts. Fresh air and  pure water, virgin impassable taiga with bear marks, eternal snow on the mountain -  tops, sunsets which are half-sky big, noisy  rivers with rapids - this is all Frolikha. This is where Transbaikal region starts.

The lake is fed by two rivers: Left and Right Frolikhas, and it is drained through one Frolikha River. Fishing here is just remarkable. Among Frolikha fishes there is a rare fish golets-davotchan (salmon family) which is alongside with the grayling and sturgeon is included into the Red List  (endangered species list) of Buryatia.          

You can get to Frolikha from Severobaikalsk, with a permission from the city administration for visiting Frolikha nature reserve. Then you can get by boat to Ayaya bay, which name is translated from the Evenk language as «good, kind». The  bottom of the bay is presented by ancient ice-age valley, sunken into Baikal. Further into the bay one can see low taiga swell, backgrounded by blue peaks of amountain range, at the foot of which there is glacial lake called Frolikha. 8 km long track connects the lake with the shore of Baikal, the track being rather complicated with some marshland, ascents and descents and bushes of «crawling» pines.

You can start your trip to Frolikha from  the springs of Khakussy, which are about  10 km away from Ayaya. Boat goes there  daily. Meanwhile you can improve your health there. The spring of Khakussy gives up to 4 thousand cubic meters of curative water per day, the temperature being up to 46 C°.



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