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Hhere will be a resort of world scale

Source:  Buryatia. The sunny side of Baikal. - Ulan-Ude, 2010. - H. 22-23.

Tourist-recreational Special Economic lone (TR SEZ) is located at the distance of ISO km from Ulan-Ude in Pribaikalskii municipal region of Buryat Republic on the eastern shore of Baikal. The length of the shoreline is 94 km.

Area of TR SEZ establishment is not accidentally named «Pribaikal'sky», because within its territory a part of the Baikal coastline is occupied. This is where the main tourist destinations are concentrated: mountain spurs of the Golondinsky, Ulan-Burgasy and Morskoy mountain ranges, steppe valleys, thick coniferous forests, lakes, mountain rivers, mineral water springs and therapeutic muds, historical and natural monuments.

The aim of SEZ establishment is formation of international tourism center in the east of Russia, providing tourist, recreational and health resort services at a new quality level approaching the world standards. In its turn it will lead to tourist flow and places of tourist allocation increase, and creation of new work places.

In order to use an integrated tourist and recreational potential, in the tourist-recreational zone developing of following types of tourism is lanned: medical and health, environmental, ski, excursion, cruise, and religious. Buryatia is known as one of the centers of Oriental and Tibetan medicine, which along with modern medical and health-improving technologies would be actively pursued in SEZ. Development of the TR SEZ project «Baikal Harbor» will provide the unique all-year-round experience to guests of Lake Baikal, offering an impressive set of products aimed at a certain target groups and wonderful vacation in their specialized categories.

Another quality of investment attractiveness is a non-traditional structure of SEZ project financing, the so-called PPP or public-private partnership. In the framework of SEZ «Baikal Harbor», engineer infrastructure construction financing is provided at the state expense and tourist objects financing - at the expense of private investments. At the same time a SEZ resident has the opportunity to rent a land plot that is already prepared for construction work. Besides, the investor has the right of the plot further redemption on condition that tourist recreational object is built on this plot.

On the 19th of October 2007 the Ministry for Economic development And trade of Russian Federation, Government of the Republic of Buryatia and administration of «Pribaykal'sky municipality» signed an agreement, which marked the borders of five sites - «Turka», «Peski», «Mountain Bychya», «Bezymyannaya Bay», «Goryachinsk».

According to this SEZ «Baikal Harbor» is considered as the macrozone of tourism consisting of local sites, each with its own positioning. Rather small distances between sites (up to 26 km) allow taking advantage of all the diversity of services for a small period, from colorful ethno-complex to modern tourist complexes, enjoying coastal and mountain landscapes overlooking the pearl of the world - Lake Baikal. At this stage 3 companies were registered as operating companies (residents) in «Baykal Harbor» on the sites «Turka» and «Peski» with investments amount above 130 mln. USD in tourism and hotels and property development.


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