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Muzeum of Buryat history

Source:  Buryatia. The sunny side of Baikal. - Ulan-Ude, 2010. - H. 20-21.

 Khangalov museum of Buryat history is one of the biggr in Siberia (it was founded ». 1923). It is a treasury of Buryat peoples.

    The collection of museum has containers from Ivolginskii Hun site of ancient    settlement,    decorations    of precious   and   semi-precious   stones, beautiful  masterpieces  made  by the craftsmen of the ancient land, lots of other  archeological     finds.   Museum has documents about the Buryat clans taking Russian nationality in the 17lh century, chronicles and Buryat family trees, clothing items and attributes of the shamanist cult. The most precious rarities of Central Asian culture - the «Atlas of Tibet Medicine», Buddhist canonical treatises, collection of Buddhist literature with philosophical and ritual   writing   works   on   ethics   and morality, medicine, poetical works of Indian, Tibet, Mongolian and Buryat authors. The exhibition also boasts a book of palm leaves, brought from India by Khambo-lama Iroltuev in 1901. A unique exhibit, the pearl of collection is presented by Fortress Bible (1580) printed by the printing pioneer Ivan Fyodorov.   Ethnographical   collection of museum has decorations of Buryat women made of coral, turquoise and jade; men's silver decorations: knife in the sheath, smoking pipes.

Regular exhibition «Buddhist art» is the «gold fund» of the museum. It presents pieces of Buryat sculpture and painting, Chinese, Indian, Tibet and Japanese sculptures. It is amazingly interesting to look at the collection of Buddhist wooden sculpture by Sanzhi-Tsybik Tsybikov, a Buddhist monk, artist and sculptor.

The ancestors of Buryat peoples have left precious treasures of material culture of the region, ancient Hun civilisations, Turkic and Mongolian steppe nomads as the traces of the remote and not so distant past, of indissoluble connection between times and peoples.



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