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The sacral space

Source:  Baikal. - Irkutsk, 2009. - Н. 17.

The territories of Baikal and environmental grounds ‑ the sacral space, which has left an indelible trace on spiritual affinity of peoples, occupying these grounds, on beauty, variety and uniqueness of their cultures.

Ancient ways of migration of people pass through territories of Baikal. Numerous ancient pagans have left rock paintings, various monuments, beliefs and traditions, which roots, probably, are comparable with age of the rocks, overgrown with lichens. Kurikane and other people came and dissolved in the past, and, at last, came and remained evenki (or otherwise Tungusi), Russian explorers. Then came and remained Buryat kins.

A lot of another nations have come to the lands of Baikal and have gone away. Among them Ukraiinians, Byelorussians, Germans and Poles, Tatars, and many other. All of them have left here their trace. But also they have taken in itself the power of Baikal.

Different religions also harmoniously blended with sacral space of Baikal. Ancient peoples were the pagans, and Buryats have kept beliefs and ceremonies of pagan character. And many sacred places, legends and myths, penetrating the space of Baikal, carry the colourful echoes of ancient paganism.

The world was uniform and animated in those far times. Ancient inhabitants of Baikal lands confessed the belief that everything, that surrounds the person, has its own soul, and belief in kindred relations of plants and animals with the person. Shamanism has come later, keeping animation of the world and kindred relationship of the person with i, but added a figure of the shaman, whose establishes the connection with spirits and askes with healing from illnesses, good hunting, and good luck.

People, who confess shamanism, consider that all natural is sacred, because nature is a source of life. The Buryats (nation of Geser), representatives of Old Mongolian kins,which have occupied these grounds by gods ‑ inhabitants of heaven also believe in shamanism. The armour of Geser till now are kept in Sayanskiye mountains. In mountains around of Baikal, on the Baikal capes and rocks, there are dwellings of gods ‑ inhabitants of heaven. And till now the supreme God ‑ Khukhe ‑ Munkhe tengeri (Eternally dark blue Sky) manages his eternal movement above Baikal. And Baikal lays in a bosom of goddess Etugen (the goddess of the Earth) giving the beautiful form to subjects. Mountains, reservoirs, steppes, woods become the sacred places, which are protected by spirits (Ezhini), and each village has its own sacred places. Patrimonial sanctuaries are hidden and only serge (columns ‑ tetherings), remind us to stop and thank the Mother ‑ nature for granted life.

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