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North Pribaikalie

Source:  Baikal. - Irkutsk, 2009. - Н.9.

North Pribaikalie is amazing and wonderful. Here there is a great variety of picturesque lakes, rivers, mineral springs, beautiful mountain ridges, cliffs, waterfalls, caves, unique nature landscapes with the monuments of history and culture and one ‑of ‑a ‑kind animals and plants, most of them are endemics.

North ‑ Baikal district occupies the west part of Stanovoie upland. Its forming took place approximately one million years ago. It is connected with a tectonic process, the result of which is the origin of lake Baikal and Barguzinsky, Verkhne ‑ Angarsky, Sinnersky, Severo ‑ Muisky mountain ranges. Also it is connected with the last ice ‑ upping, which has changed the climate, flora and fauna.

The enormous thinly populated territories hampered the mastering of resources of Siberia and the Far East. An idea of railway building to the north of lake Baikal arouse in 1888. Since then a research of future building has begun. The technical and economic basises of building Angaro ‑ Lenskaya railway (the west part of Baikal‑Amurskaya main) were conducted before the World War 1. The study of a route was completed in 1931 ‑ 1942 years. The largest mineral deposits were one of the reasons of building this railway.

The building has begun since 1974. A lot of Komsomol detachments worked on a «building job of the age”.

The Baikal‑Amurskaya main is situated "in the district of permafrost and that is why engineering and seismic conditions are very diffcult. Thе oldest Kabanskaya seismic station on the east coast of Baikal (it is over one hundred) registers more than 2 thousands earthquakes and earthquake shocks every year. Also there is a great danger of avalanche in the mountains.

But in spite of everything people built the unique route, which stretches for a 3145 km Irom the west to the east. The Baikal‑Amurskaya main crosses the 17, full ‑flowing rivers, 7 mountain ranges, the height of which is 2000-2500 meters. It was built more than 130 bridges, tunnels, the lull length of which is more than 25 = km (For example Severo ‑ Muisky (its length is 15 km) and Baikalsky (6,7 km) and more than 3200 man ‑made-constructions.

All these one‑of‑a‑kind constructions provokes admiration and pride for our compatriots, developing new lands of Siberia and the Far ‑East. The ancient land meets new people and offers them new roads of development of Russia.

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