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Around Baikal in two hours

Author:  Kichaeva L.
Source:  Conservation of natural and cultural heritage of Baikal. - Moscow-Ulan-Ude, 2010. - . 83.

Is this possible, will say you? It seems, yes. The Baikalsky reserve has won the contest of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in the 'Ecological Education' direction. Totally 76 applications were provided for the contest, and the originators selected 5. Thereby, the possibility to implement the long-time idea appeared - to establish the open-air mockup of Baikal at the yard close to the reserve. The whole complex of interesting moments is assigned with the mockup, and this all together will have a name "Interactive mini-tour "Around Baikal in two hours".

And these moments are fascinating and educational actually. The Baikal mockup with length of 17 m with adjacent to it specially protected areas -reserves, national parks, zakazniks - will be circled with the real Big Baikal Path (BBP). This lane with observation areas is the travel route of the visitors around the legendary lake. On this route many things will become clear: where and how the protected areas are located, what animals and birds inhabit them, what exciting is growing there. The voyage will link the previous objects of ethnocity of the reserve: Buryat yurta, Evenk skin tent and in a perspective - Russian house. Visitors during the mini-tour will be able to listen to the folk music and sounds of nature, accompanying the excursions, and the most original zest of the mockup - lightning with multicolored light-guides of boundaries, settlements and operation of illuminating effects via modern commutative equipment. Thus there

will be a possibility to hold mini-tours in evenings and even nights (for those desiring!). The Baikal mockup itself is supposed to be made of natural materials. Excursion area will be filled with wooden animal sculptures, which will be made by the local artists. The projects designers are also planned to establish the decorative mini-garden with plants and bushes of unique flora typical for the near Baikal area.

The main goal this unusual construction was ventured is the quality improvement of environmental education of tourists, reserve hosts and local inhabitants. In recent years the museum-excursion activity obtained the notion - interactivity. It stands for sightseer involvement into the excursion, making him its direct participant: for instance, try to answer yourself to the questions upon the proposed options, touch fhe natural displays you're your own hands, and even participate in creation of a souvenir. This is one more perspective idea:

establish the master-class on production of folk souvenirs.

After two hours of active participation in the tour program the visitor will stay closer and clear to understanding what the reserve system is, what tasks does it have, what are the problems of the Baikal region. The mockup will assist in imagine spatially where the indigenous population lived, where the gap happened, and in enriching with ethnographic knowledge. All together this will serve to conservation of the world treasure - Baikal, nature surrounding it, respectful attitude to historic values.

Moreover, the beauty, communication, various tour plots will bring happiness to all our guests. It remained to put every- , thing intended into life. The funds are allocated. The people have desire to creatively work. The mood is fine. How it would happen further we'll tell you. But we invite you to come for the first mini-tour in September beforehand.



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