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Natural monuments

Source:  Lake Baikal: atlas. - Irkutsk, 2005. - P. 98-99.

A nature monument is a small in size object of scientific, cultural, cognitive, historical, recreational and aesthetic interests protected by the state. It is forbidden to perform any activity on the territory of the monument and around it that threatens its integrity and safety.

Lake Baikal with its shores is an integral limnological complex. Life of Lake Baikal is the life of the land adjoining to it.

The white marble cliff Sagan-Zaba has been known for its large number of rock carvings since ancient times. According to A. Okladnikov, "petroglyphs of Sagan-Zaba are the real pearl of ancient culture and art of the peoples of Eastern Siberia. Judging by their composition, writing manners and variety of topics, they are the most difficult among all the known rock carvings".

Peschanaya Bay is the most well-known place where "walking" trees grow. Unfortunately, the most famous tree under the roots of which it was possible to pass with hands up fell down at the end of the 1980s.

The cedar "Life Spirit" of about 3 m high grows on the top of the rock almost without any soil. The height of the rock is not more than 5 m, herefore the tree is accessible to winds, storms and waves. The tree trunk is twisted many times; the roots like tight arms are holding the tree with two large branches in invisible cracks of the rock.

Baklany Rock is the only island in the southern part of the lake from the Selenga Delta to Maloye More. In the past, it was known as the largest colony of nesting for large cormorants on Lake Baikal.

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