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Source:  Lake Baikal: atlas. - Irkutsk, 2005. - Р. 98.

There are four different natural landscapes prevalent on the territory of Pribaikalye: high-elevation, mid-elevation, low-elevation and plain.

The high-elevation landscape is represented by mountain tundra, Alpine and, rarely, low density trailing cedar forests located at the elevation of 1600-2000 m.

The severe climate, the inaccessibility of the region and its low recreational capacity (less than a man per hectar/day) limit seriously the use of these territories for recreational purposes. Some areas can be used for mountain tourism and mountaineering. But one should bear in mind that throughout the greater part of the year there is a danger of frost bite and trauma.

The mid-elevation landscape is located at heights of 1200-1800 m. In some places its lower boundary goes down to 800 m and sometimes the dark-coniferous forests and trailing cedar reach the shore of Baikal, e.g. in North Baikal.

Mid-elevation territories are covered mainly with dark-coniferous cedar or cedar/fir forests. Due to their steep slopes and inaccessibility, the forest complexes have preserved their virginal and aesthetic attraction.

Their recreational capacity is estimated at 1-2 men per hectar/day. These areas can be used for the development of winter vacation (tourism, hunting, ice fishing, etc). In summer the recreational facilities expand due to foot and horse-paths, water and other tourist routes along with the picking of berries, mushrooms and other gifts of nature.

It should be noted that from May' till July there is a danger of encephalitis.

The low-mountain landscape is at the hight of 600-1200 m. It is dominated mostly by sloping dark-coniferous, cedai/larch, pine and mixed taiga. This landscape is rich in berries, herbs, mushrooms and cedar nuts.

Along the plain are forest, steppe and marsh landscapes. The first two landscapes are the most frequently explored and are under a considerable human influence. They are comfortable enough for various kinds of recreation, including tourism and therapeutic treatment.

A lot of landscapes have not been suffered from intensive man's activity and preserved, to some extent, their virgin beanty.

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