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The exhibits of five museums of the republic illustrate the rich material culture of the past, the diversity of the flora and fauna and the treasure of Zabaikalian depths.
The M. Khangalov Museum of History of Buryatia has been founded in 1923. The museum collection totals more than 100 thousand subjects, including the unique collection of Buddhist art, works of modern painting and rare books, numismatics, archeological, ethnographic, photodocumentary and other materials. The M. Khangalov Museum of History of Buryatia is one of the largest museums in Siberia area. The museum possesses the unique monuments of culture of peoples of the Central Asia, historical and ethnographic materials of the Siberian tribes. It is the M. Khangalov Museum of History of Buryatia where the only copy of the “Atlas of Tibetan Medicine”, which is of great historical and practical value, is kept.
The Museum of Culture and Arts of Buryatia has been opened on March 1, 2007 on the place of the former Literary Museum and it is the branch of the M. Khangalov Museum of History of Buryatia. The building, where the museum locates, has been built in XIX century and it is an architectural monument of the city of Ulan-Ude.
The Nature Museum of Buryatia has been opened on July 12, 1983. Initially the museum’s funds replenished with personal collections. The museum is considered to be the only one where the exhibits of the archeological excavations of the primeval men’s settlements as well as the richest flora and fauna of Buryatia, botanical collections reflecting a biodiversity of the nature of Buryatia. Today, the museum is one of the leading naturalists' museums of our country, a member of Association “Open museum”, a member of Association of natural-historical museums at IKOM of Russia. The creation of the museum is aimed to protect the nature.
The Ethnographical Museum of Peoples of Transbaikalye has been founded in July, 1973. The open-air museum located at Verkhnyaya Berezovka introduces us the history, every day life, material culture of peoples of Transbaikalye. Many architectural monuments are located there. Complexes are located in the following order coinciding to the chronological periods in the history of the area development: archeological, Evenki, Buryat, Russian, Cossack, Russian Old Believers (semeyskie), the complex “The Former Verkhneudinsk”. A small zoo is available for visitors of the museum.

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