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Author:  T.D. Zambalova
Source:  T.D. Zambalova. The Sacred Baikal = Nangin Dalai. Ulan Ude, 2000. pp. 42-43.



I.G. Daduyev is one of the first Buryat professional painters to depict Lake Baikal in their canvases. His creative activity and artistic thinking are characterised by metaphorical imagery and symbols.

In the 20’s of the 20th century he became famous for his paintings “The Leaving Way of Life” and especially for Bukha-noyon-Baabai. The painter depicted the legendary ancestor of one of the Buryat tribes as a mythological bull.

On a desert rocky shore of a stormy lake there is a mighty bull welcoming the rising sun. Its figure is full of primordial power; it is monumental and epical, just like the surrounding nature. The work is painted in animalistic tradition connected with the ancient folk views. The painting is expressive in its imagery, form and use of colour. The piled boulders of yellowish rocks and the dark blue waves going away represent the severe magnificent nature of the Baikal quite realistically and in the fairy-tale manner, in accordance with the appearance of the epical animal.



            The beauty and severity, movement and changeability, inspiration and distinctiveness, power and lack of defence, the vastness of Lake Baikal have become favourite themes in the creative activity of the Buryat painters – D.-N. Dugarov, M.Z. Oleinikov, B.T. Taisayev, L.I. Nokhoyeva, S.V. Khankharov and others.

            A. Kazansky paints the Baikal a lot. Numerous Baikal sketches reveal the inexhaustible wealth of nature. In his small sketches the artist shows the lake’s vastness, the depth and might of its waters now being agitated by the wind, now quiet awaiting the morning (“A Village by Lake Baikal”).

            Emotions and poetic reality are displayed in such seascapes and landscapes as “Maloye More (Small Sea)”, “Olkhon Island, Sunrise over the Baikal, The Shaman Rock. Each canvas attracts the viewer with its complete composition, poetic depth and significance. Subtle taste and rich colours are felt in silver highlights on the cold waves, in transparent quiet of the azure, in pink stones scattered on the shore. The lyrical trend in A. Kazansky’s painting is continued in such works as The Calm Baikal, The Baikal. Svyatoi Nos Peninsula.

            The painting “Fishermen by Lake Baikal” is a significant work by A. Kazansky. It is full of severe courage, its peculiar dramatic atmosphere and philosophic depth. At the same time the plot of the work is very simple. Three fishermen are mending their nets on the lake shore. Their figures are foreshortened unexpectedly, in profile. Their big, dark, heavy hands and dark faces are very expressive. The heroes of the painting are people living one and the same life which is closely connected with the Baikal, and the lake takes one of the central places in the canvas. A narrow stripe of the light sky contrasts almost black and green stormy lake with white caps of foam on the severe waves. There are three tarred red boats on the shore, they are huge, distinctive, their daring bows are turned up to the sky, and these red boats by the black and green Baikal seem to be almost animated creatures and the fishermen’s dumb sworn brothers.

In 2000 A. Kazansky got the Ts.S. Sampilov prize (the second degree diploma) for his cycle of landscapes: Baikal-suite (the central part is “The Sun over the Baikal”, the left part is The Water and the Stones and the right part is The Sky and the Water).

  1. Kazansky is a Full Member of the Academy of Arts of Russia, People’s Artist of Russia,

professor, the Republic of Buryatia State Prize winner.



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