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Author:  Alaeva T.
Source:  Water quality and traditions in lake areas: The 6-th Living Lakes Conference Ulan-Ude, Lake Baikal, Russia July 30-th – August 3-rd, 2001. – Ulan-Ude, 2001. – P. 44-45.

The energy industry is the largest consumer of water and one of the main sources of water pollution.

Enterprizes of energy industry in Buryatia are no exception. "Buryatenergo" comprizes power/heat plants TEZ-1 and TEZ-2. Currently TEZ-2 employs closed-circuit water system. Polluted water on TEZ-1 is currently discarded direct into the river Uda, therefore it is desirable to install a similar closed-circuit system. This would enable to reduce water consumption and the amount of water discarded into natural aquifers. Thus the ecological burden would be alleviated.

In order to evaluate the efficiency of deployment of such water systems, the following characteristics can be considered:

- the amount of prevented economic damage; savings on payments into ecological funds as the result of reduced

pollution of water objects;

- savings on payments into local budgets for water usage, as a result of reduced water consumption.

Calculation of indirect economic damage as a result of harmful environmental impact is rather difficult. It is, however, imperative under new requirements of ecological production. The sources of indirect damage from water pollution are the following:


Damage to the health, productivity or aesthetics

Pathogenic organisms   or toxic substances in drinking water

Loss of person-days, medical expenses, water delivery exenses

Impact on recreational resources in the vicinity of water objects

Loss of income tourizm

Impact on habitat

Decrease of fishing catch


Overall impact constitutes the sum of ecological and economic impacts. Currently this methodic is imployed at "Buryatenergo" in evaluation of implementation of water protection measures.

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