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Information on the Libraries of the Muisky Centralized Library System

Source:  The Muisky district library

From the history of the Muisky District libraries


The village of Ust-Muya


The Ust-Muya library was opened in late 50s (1955) in the local club and its book stock was about 2,500 copies. Up to the 70s the book acquisition was insignificant (about 70-100 books a year), literature was coming from Ulan Ude library collector. The library was referred to the Baunt culture department.

In late 60s a new club was started together with the library. On November 7, 1970 the library moved to a new building. In 1973 the childrens department was opened in the Ust-Muya village library. In 1974 the Baikal-Amur Railway was started, it was also passing the Muya valley. Literature was received directly from Moscow, for the Baikal-Amur railway library. Up to 2 thousand copies were received yearly. The Ust-Muya library was considered to be the Railway library. Soon the construction of the settlement of Taksimo began, then of Vitim. In November 1989 the library moved to a new building. Now it is a spacious and light house with the total area of 102 sq.m. It includes the childrens department with 5,400 book copies, a reading room for 12 people, a book lending department with 14,000 copies and a subsidiary with doubling literature. In 1989 the Muisky district was formed and the library was transferred to the possession of the Muisky culture department from the Baunt culture department.


Taksimo, the District library


In 1982 the village community library was opened in Taksimo, the collection of which was gathered from different organizations trade union libraries. The central library in Taksimo was organized on the ground of the village library, the Baunt central library system branch in connection of forming the Muisky district in 1989. In 1991 the regulations of the Central library system of the Muisky district were adopted; the system includes: the central district library, the childrens library and 10 branches which are on the territories of the village and settlement Soviets of the district.


Branch # 8

In 1991 in the hostel of the Latvian railway construction organization a library was opened which mostly includes fiction in Latvian. The Nizhneangarsk and Taksimo libraries gave the branch books on many aspects of knowledge.


Taksimo, the Childrens Library


In 1982 a direction was given to move the children library to Taksimo. In autumn 1985 the childrens library was moved to the old building of the local administration (the space of 75 sq.m). When the Muisky district was organized the library was given from the Baunt central library system to the Muiski culture department, as the district childrens library.




In November 1978 a trade union library was opened by railway constructors. The library was started in the House of culture of railway tunnel builders as a trade union library. In 1993 two libraries were united into one, the Muisky central library system branch # 10. In 1995-1996 both childrens and grown-ups libraries moved to the village administrative building.





The name of the library

The addresses of the libraries

The date of formation



The central district library

3VKlubnaya Str. Taksimo, Muisky district, Buryatia 671561, Tel 54-2-46

e-mail muybibl@mail.ru


Nina Vasilievna Shishlyannikova


The central childrens library

3VKlubnaya Str., Taksimo, Muisky district, Buryatia 671561 Tel 54-2-46


Nelly Yusupovna Uldanova


Severomuisk, Branch # 10

Severomuisk, Muisky district, Buryatia 671564


Olga Stepanovna Klimenko


Severomuisk, Branch # 3

Severomuisk, Muisky district, Buryatia 671564


Tatyana Borisovna Loginova


Ust-Muya, Branch # 6

Ust-Muya, Muisky district, Buryatia 671574


Svetlana Yurievna Abramenko


Muya, Branch # 5

Muya, Muisky district, Buryatia 671571


Zoya Ivanovna Pletneva


Irakinda, Branch # 7

Irakinda, Muisky district, Buryatia 671575


Yelizaveta Nikolayevna Kuzmina


Taksimo, Branch # 8

11 Sovetskaya Str., Taksimo, Muisky district, Buryatia 671560


Galina Fedorovna Pelepyuk




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