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Ecology and library

Author:  T.K. Patrusheva


The problems of ecology and the Baikal preservation worry everyone living in this region, because everybody suffers of the unfavourable condition of the environment. One of the conditions to change the attitude towards to the environment is ecological education. The Pribaikalsk central district library is one of the organizations which take an active part in the population ecological education.
Thanks to creative approach and enlightening work the central district library gives birth to a diversity of types and genres of ecological information representation. They are traditional thematic months promoting book ecology Lets Save the Planet Earth (2003), Ecological Book to Protect the Baikal (2004), Lets Save the Beauty of the Earth (2005), Ecological weeks, Ecology days Saving the Baikal We Save Ourselves and The Living Water. In 2005 the Literature Fair Eco-library-press was held, there are Literature parties The Hoary Baikal Is Vulnerable and Delicate, Following the Red Book, Another Word to Protect the Baikal.
Games, competitions, dialogues are used in this work, i.e.:
Brain-ring These Funny Animals, Know and Love Your Nature
Ecological games Ecological Assortment, Star Hour, Trip into the World of Nature, Green Pharmacy and Ecological Outlook.
Urgent problems hours: The Price of One Match (forest fires), Ecological Passport of the Pribaikalsky District.
Ecological lessons The Well of the Planet, Meet the Birds Flocks with Love, Measure Your Way with Love and others.
Teenagers take an active part in quizzes Flower Etiquette, Ecology and Health, Ecology from A to Z, Great Baikal Quiz.
Such game activity as an ecological court trial is very popular, The Trial over the Planet Polluters. Ecology teachers, medical workers and students were invited to take part in the game. The students played the roles of the judge, the public prosecutor, the accused (Acid Rain, Litter, Radiation) as well as the defence counsel and prosecutors, the doctor and the sanitary service worker.
There was an interesting round table talk in the library, The Baikal Is the Protected Conscience of the Planet. The participants prepared reports on the topics On the Negative Influence of Industries on the Baikal Ecology, On the Fishes Extinction, The Baikal Legends and Stories and The Oil Pipeline Construction. The problem of the oil pipeline construction was the subject of heated discussion. Is it really necessary? The theme was continued by the performance The Baikal Fishes Ask for Help.
In 2005 within the framework of the ecology month there was an essays competition among the school students on the Pribaikalye (the Baikal land) ecology. 11 research works were presented. The best report on the topic The Birch Tree Extinction in the Pribaikalsky District (Disposable Chinese foodsticks production) was made by N. Nelyubina, an 11th former of school # 1.
Unfortunately it is necessary to mention that all the libraries are undercompleted with new books in general including books on ecology. Thats why we didnt manage to increase that section of our book stock considerably. But, to work successfully, to be in the know of all the problems we decided to pay more attention to mass media and subscribe to more magazines and newspapers on ecological problems. Nowadays we are subscribed to the magazines Geography and Ecology in the 21st Century School, Ecology and Life, Science and Life, Around the World, Beauty and Health in Buryatia, The World of the Baikal and The Tourist Buryatia.
Supplements to The First of September newspaper: Geography, Chemistry, Biology.
Much attention is paid to ecology information work. For ecology teachers of the village of Turuntayevo the central district library organizes consultations, discussions, information reviews, they are acquainted with methodological works. The literature fair Eco-library-press was held in 2005. An increasing number of questions is extremely various:
 Environment protection legislation
 The world ecological policy
 Nature reserves and national parks
 Social ecology
 Ecology of man, ecology of habitation, local ecology and others.
Every year we celebrate ecological dates: Earth Day, Water Day, Animals Protection Day, Environment Protection Day and others.
We time exhibitions of books and hand-made works of natural material to coincide with these dates, we organize picture displays and competition programmes.
Making our readers acquainted with ecological problems, speaking about the beauty and richness of nature we always use works of fiction and arts influencing a persons emotions, educating him/her, such as book exhibitions, reviews About Nature with Love, Glorifying the Native Land and others.
Having acquired computing technical appliances and switched to the Internet we expanded and raised the librarys opportunities to promote ecological culture.
For a long time we had been looking for the most efficient forms of our work and getting into contact with  ecological organizations.
As a result we have made a conclusion that the most successful form of work could be School of Ecological Culture with the motto Live in Harmony with Nature (see the programme School of Ecological Culture).
Ecological education of library readers with the help of books is becoming one of the guidelines in the work of the Central district library. It does not mean single activities, but systematic continuous work.




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